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Results Are Up

by J.Perdomo on 06/27/14

Results for the Homestead Karting Spring Series | South Florida RMAX Challenge are up. Click Here to view the championship standings. There was two drops in the series that have been included to the final results.

RMAX|Spring Series' Last Weekend

by J.Perdomo on 06/18/14


June 20-23 will be the last weekend of both the South Florida RMAX Challenge and Homestead Karting's Spring Series. Friday starts off with an extended practice day. Saturday is race 5 and race 6 on Sunday.

South Florida RMAX | Spring Series

by J.Perdomo on 06/05/14

Results for South Florida and Spring Series are now up. Click Here

Series Winners
South Florida RMAX Challenge 2014

ICC Shifter
1 Trevor Cooper 
2 Mario Solares
3 Stephan Isambard
PRD Junior
1 Nicholas Sanches
2 Alessandro Nusiner
3 Carlos Rodriguez
TAG Junior
1 Michael Benyahia
2 Alexandrea Wilson
3 Nick Hargraves
TAG Masters
1 Renato Ferretti
2 Carlos Delp
3 Klaus Schmitt
TAG Seniors
1 Sven Nicolas Schele
2 Braian Garcia
3 Juan Nunez
Stock Shifter
1 Christian Amongero
2 Ken Whitfield
3 Chris Dillon

South Florida RMAX Challenge 2014

ROTAX Junior
1 Sebastian Sierra
2 Christian Cole
3 Augusto Soto-Schirripa
ROTAX Micro Max
1 Reece Gold
2 Cody Krucker
3 Jo Nunez
1 James Egozi
2 Sebastian NG
3 Andreus Asmar
ROTAX Mini Max
       1 Tyler Gonzalez
2 Kai Palomino 
3 Ricardo Villasmill
ROTAX Seniors
1 Daniel Roeper
2 Gian Marco Latoni
3 Antoni Ptak